Monday, March 26, 2012

M.D.N.A. #1 with a Bullet!

Well, it's Monday afternoon, March 26th and I'm now on my third listen of the full "M.D.N.A." Though it was too late for an entire listen, I received an email a little before midnight last night telling me "your "M.D.N.A." purchase is ready to be downloaded." Oh yeah!

I'm contemplating doing a one by one track listing review here rather than post one on Yahoo or Gather...we'll see. In the meantime, I am truly digging the CD...lots of great, typical Madonna stuff. Like I said about "Girl Gone Wild," I'm definitely hearing a bit of "Ray of Light" mixed with a little "Confessions on a Dance Floor" sound on this new one.

The new album, of course, is currently at #1 on iTunes in the US and many other countries. Like her or not, Madonna is still the standard when it comes to pop/dance music, and objectively speaking this record is good! Stay tuned for more...

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