Friday, March 16, 2012

Missy Elliot's Back and Slammin' on Brand New Track by J. Cole

It seems that the things I want to share come in droves...feast or famine, ya know? Any-who, as I was reading up and posting on the new Ben & Jerry's "Apple-y Ever After ice cream, I found this new video by J. Cole also on Homorazzi. I've always been a big Missy fan and I've been eagerly awaiting for some new stuff from the gone-too-long rap mistress.

It's hard to believe it's been almost seven years since Missy last put out an album, 2005's "The Cookbook," but we all know by now that she's been battling Grave's Disease and that's kept her out of commission for awhile. With guest appearances with Katy Perry on the remix of "T.G.I.F.," Demi Lovato on "All Night Long," and now this, Missy is well on her way to her official comeback with her newest set, "Block Party," coming this June.

I'm not too familiar with J. Cole, but I liked this one the first time I heard it. "Nobody's Perfect" is a nice hip hop ballad, and Missy's part is more that of a songstress than a rapper. She looks good, sounds great, and I'm happy and excited to have her back!

Image Source: Rolling Out

Nobody's Perfect (feat. Missy Elliott) - Cole World - The Sideline Story

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