Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Awakening

Here's a poem I published two years ago on Yahoo Voices. I don't consider myself a poet, but sometimes I think I do alright...

Spring Awakening

The Northeast
Land of the snowbirds
Fleeing the cold northern chill
For the warm Florida winter
Only to return to the splendor of a New York summer

I say these wintry migrates don’t know what they’re missing.
Yes, winter here can be long and cold, it can make you weary
But there are things about winter that are nice
Like the beauty of the snow, hot chocolate to warm the heart
A restful sleep beneath a warm blanket

The best thing about winter, though,
Is its end… the transformation from winter to spring
When that first burst of warm air returns to the region,
Igniting a fire within the weariest of souls

A reawakening like no other
A return of the spirit, one that slowly dissipated with a long winter,
But has now returned

A spring awakening is a much needed part of the cycle of life’s years
The warm air, the newly flowering blooms beckon us to great days ahead
Relighting a fire that’s been dormant for months

I’ll take winter anytime
As long as I can experience the euphoria of spring awakening!

Image Source: college fashion

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